In today’s highly mobile and connected world, passengers expect to be able to stay in touch with family and work at all times.

Besides the obvious large number of people all wanting to connect at once, transportation facilities present unique challenges with large, sprawling facilities, underground terminals, tunnels,  and security implications.  Dependable real time communication is paramount to both first responders and the general traveling public


  • The need for tighter levels of communication between first responders including location services.
  • Shift to use of streaming data for entertainment purposes (music/video content) when traveling.
  • The expectation of ubiquitous coverage for passengers, especially among business travelers.
  • Many transportation facilities have poor coverage due to size, low-e glass, extended indoor and campus layouts, underground terminals & tunnels, etc.
  • Local Public Safety and National Fire Protection Assoc. ordinances and regulations.

GIANT Solutions has successfully designed and deployed solutions in major transportation hubs across the country. Whether in subway tunnels, bus stations, train tracks, or airport lounges, we have the experience to get your passengers connected with minimal disruptions to your operations. Talk to us about a network to handle all of your communications needs- from cellular DAS to Wi-Fi to public safety.

Case Study: Las Vegas Transportation