Installation is where the rubber meets the road- the realization of all of the work done in the previous Survey and Design steps.

There is an extremely varied set of conditions (e.g., sanitary hospitals, mechanized factories, professional high-rises, secure airports) that can present themselves in an installation and your partner needs to be ready to face them all.  The ability to safely and effectively manage your project results in happy end-users, less headaches from back-end problems, and fewer change orders.

GIANT Solutions has successfully operated in the most diverse of environments as our Portfolio demonstrates.  As your representative on-site, our flexibility, efficiency, and courtesy help in minimizing disruptions through consistent communication with all parties.  Our project management will include site preparation, fiber/coax/conduit installation, placing of base station equipment, donor signal insertion, carrier integration, commissioning and testing.  We demand and take pride in a high level of workmanship from ourselves and any subcontractors that may be used.  All of this will be thoroughly presented in our testing and close-out documentation.