In manufacturing and industrial facilities, communication across sprawling plants and campuses can be challenging to say the least and a big productivity factor.

The flow of information between people and machines for purposes such as telemetry, monitoring, safety, maintenance, and analytics is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your facility. The presence of heavy machinery, power generation, high heat, and petrochemical conditions present unique challenges when developing an overall communications strategy.


  • Needed real-time person to person, machine to machine, and person to machine communications for safety, maintenance, and telemetry purposes.
  • Many manufacturing facilities have poor coverage due to size, low-e glass, extended indoor and campus layouts, often semi-remote locations, etc.
  • Local Public Safety and National Fire Protection Assoc. ordinances and regulations.

GIANT Solutions has developed and implemented solutions in the most challenging and sprawling of industrial situations. We understand the safety and productivity factors that contribute to ensure a smooth, effective installation. Talk to us about a network to handle all of your communications needs- from cellular DAS to Wi-Fi to public safety.

Case Study: General Motors Plant, Ft. Wayne, IN