Large groups of people- whether they be sports fans or convention goers- present challenges and opportunities for event venues.

Fans and attendees want and need, to stay connected. Whether it’s to check on fantasy leagues, stock prices, Facebook, or to upload film of the kickoff; cellular connectivity has become an expected cornerstone of the fan experience. Having that connectivity can present revenue opportunities for seat upgrades, concession orders, and directions to souvenir shops.  GIANT Solutions has been trusted to implement Distributed Antenna System applications in the most challenging of public venue and sporting environments


  • Changing demographics with younger attendees basing entire enjoyment on ability to post updates to social media.
  • Surging data usage at sporting events. AT&T reported a 350% increase at the Super Bowl just from 2011 to 2014.
  • Revenue opportunities through additional purchases of food/drink, seat upgrades, or merchandise.
  • Venue apps can provide enhanced fan experience through special angle replays, player stats, complimentary event notifications, etc.
  • Carrier desire to keep massive amounts of traffic off the macro network.
  • Public safety applications for inclement weather/emergency notifications, first responder coordination, etc.

GIANT Solutions has been trusted to implement DAS applications in the most challenging of public venue environments. Whether it be large convention centers, major league stadiums, or sprawling fair grounds, we are equipped to handle your unique needs. Talk to us about a network to handle all of your communications needs- from cellular DAS to Wi-Fi to public safety.

Case Study: Lincoln Financial Field