As important as the quality of the data gathered in the Survey process is what you do with that data.

The Design of your solution will be a large determinant in the cost incurred and the overall operational quality. Often, inexperienced engineers will “throw more equipment” at a challenging design need where experience might lend itself to a more cost- effective solution.

At GIANT Solutions, we’ve been designing smart in-building/Distributed Antenna System/small cell applications since 2002. We’ve been trusted to come up with the right answers in the most challenging and diverse of environments. Our design staff is made up entirely of degreed engineers ensuring your submission will be based on sound technical principles. With vast experience on all types of systems, we are equipment agnostic allowing us to design a solution that is best for you rather than best for us. Our package will Include design drawings, propagation analysis, detailed parts list, and thorough scope of work.

Tools Used:

  • iBwave
  • MapInfo
  • AutoCad
  • Anite
  • CW Transmitters & Receivers