Let’s face it, we want coverage everywhere- even when shopping.

Whether it’s to talk, text, Amazon, Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, Twitter, Periscope, (you get the idea), the endless number of applications are driving the need for ubiquitous coverage.  Many chains are pushing their own mobile apps or selling mobile devices themselves.  Larger venues such as malls are presenting enough traffic that carriers may want the traffic off the macro network.


  • Consumers are demanding ubiquitous coverage.
  • High adoption rate for streaming applications (music, video).
  • More uploading of video from mobile devices by consumers.
  • Carriers eager to offload large groups from macro sites.
  • Retail locations often have traditionally poor coverage due to size (especially malls, big box stores), low-e glass, etc.

GIANT Solutions has performed over 1000 retail installations.  We’ve implemented solutions for a wide range of environments including strip malls, large shopping malls, big box stores, and high-rise urban retail space.  We’ve rolled out hundreds of locations in compressed time frames as you can read about in our case study.  GIANT is experienced in each of the environments’ own unique set of challenges including working off-hours, operating lifts around customers, roof work, etc. Talk to us about a network to handle all of your communications needs- from cellular DAS to Wi-Fi to public safety.

Case Study:  Sprint Stores