Perhaps no vertical market has changed more with the wider adoption of cellular technology than a college campus.

Being natural early adopters of technology, almost every student has a cell phone, with the average 18-34 year old college student bringing nearly 7 tech devices. Streaming content has increased web consumption exponentially, bolstered by the shift away from traditional TV watching to services such as Hulu and Netflix.

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  • Increased use of mobile devices (large smartphones, connected tablets) for Educational purposes such as homework submission, research, etc.
  • Public Safety notification to student body of emergency situations and first responder coordination.
  • Shift to use of wireless devices as primary, if not only, mode of voice and data communication.
  • Shift away from colleges/universities providing expensive, previously subsidized, wireline phone PBXs.
  • Shift to use of the streaming data for entertainment purposes (music/video content).
  • Overall demand and expectation of ubiquitous coverage both for student/faculty, but for family members contacting students as well.

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Case Study: Montclair State University