To evaluate and determine which areas of the campus in building environment would require enhancement prior to the construction of a 5 macro cell network deployment designed specifically to provide coverage to the campus. After evaluation, design and deploy an in building DAS solution for areas requiring enhancement.

GIANT Solution

Provided with detailed construction drawings of the five (5) proposed macro cell site designs, GIANT Solutions engineers embarked on a journey to collect empirical data for the proposed cell sites by temporarily constructing simulated macro cell sites. This was done by utilizing CW transmitters to provide input power to the actual design model panel antennas constructed as specified in the drawings for each of the antenna locations facing the campus. Data was then collected throughout all of the campus buildings, parsed, adjusted and corrected for link budget parameters and then evaluated for areas of expected weak coverage. These areas were then designed and built to GIANT specifications utilizing a Mobile Access OEM solution. Upon completion of the macro cell sites several months later empirical data determined that the evaluation had been near exact and that the in building solution provided coverage to areas where the macro service would have been weak or non-existent. This solution reduced the scope of a traditional complete campus wide Fiber DAS to just the areas requiring enhancement resulting in cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.