To decommission and replace an 800/900 MHz DAS system no longer technically viable providing limited back of house coverage with a new Lucent 9928 base station signal source providing 3G/4G coverage while simultaneously increasing the DAS coverage to a 100% coverage footprint to all areas from floor 15-58 as well as the ground level and basement levels C1 to C3 in building located in the midst of a very strong urban macro environment.

GIANT Solution

Due to a lack of existing documentation on the existing system, our engineers completed due diligence and spent several days on site inventorying and reverse engineering the existing DAS which consisted only of a base station and coaxial cable trunk lines to various floors of the building. A coverage survey indicated that the existing system was sorely lacking any adequate coverage. To overcome the less forgiving requirements of a 1900 MHz system, GIANT engineers completed a “rip and replace” anchored by a Solid OEM fiber DAS with remote units placed on nearly every floor to provide the required dominant signal to overcome the strong but poor quality macro signals coming from the outside network. The result was exceptional 3G/4G coverage to both the staff and customers of this flagship Starwood property.